Enviro Footprint

Environmental Footprint

Balboa is centered on the principles of helping end hunger in America. However as active outdoor enthusiasts, that enjoy natures beauty, we can't bare the thought of harming our environment. As a result we strive to stay on the forefront, of using environmentally sustainable materials in everything we design. Our acetate sunglasses for example are crafted with Mazzucchelli M49 100% biodegradable Cellulose Acetate, developed by combining cotton and wood fibers to create both a durable and sustainable product. This is our world as much as it is yours, and we find it important for companies to share our passion in creating an large impact with a little footprint.

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The feet we leave behind

Meals for America

America's Fight Against Hunger

Do you remember the last time you were hungry? Everyone can relate to that aching feeling in your stomach. Every night in America over 16 million children go to sleep hungry. This hunger effects their school, play, growth and understanding of the world. Since Balboa's inception we have been on a mission to use our business to inspire social change in America. We want companies to follow in our lead of giving back to the communities and country which has offered us so much. That is why every product we sell is stamped with a meal donation to signify the amount of meals your purchase supports. Please take a moment and share in our story.

Our Mission to Give something.



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