Travel, Life, and the Making of a Brand


It’s the sun we seek. Glassy ocean waves, crisp salt air, the feel of that cool summer breeze across your face. For us life’s greatest moments are those traveling the world, watching the sunrise on coasts abroad, while laughing at stories with new friends along the way.

As brothers, born on opposite sides of the country, Beck and Oliver ventured to build a brand that shares their unique coastal styles. With Beck having grown up on southern California’s beaches and Oliver on New England’s mountains and capes, they have worked to refine traditional California surfwear, while adding a blend of east coast design.

Their goal wasn’t just to create another clothing brand, rather they set out to leave a lasting impact. To be more than just a label.


A look into the Past


The story of our name and logo, like much of our journey as a startup, developed over time. We knew we wanted to create a brand that supported people from our community, helping to give back to those who have given us guidance throughout life. We realized that we would accomplish this by developing sunwear and textiles that embodied a blend of California and Northeast styles. But time went by and no name would stick.

Well as Beck and Oliver worked they periodically reminisced on their lives, something stood out. They kept coming back to stories about their childhood days, spending summers learning to surf, setting out to hike some of California’s serene mountain peaks, or catching a breath to soak up the sun on a little island in SoCal known as Balboa Isle.

The name Balboa immediately caught their attention, it was a name that they both related to, a place that brought them so many great memories.

Fixated on the “Balboa” they began researching the origins of Balboa Island’s name. They discovered stories about a famous Spanish explorer, governor and conquistador, Vasco Nunez de Balboa. Back in 1513, together with 190 Spaniards, and a few native guides Balboa set out to make history, pushing the limits of his time, Balboa cut through the Isthmus of Panama where he changed the world by discovering the Pacific ocean. Entranced by the explorer’s worldly travels the boys knew they had found a name that would capture the total essence of their brand. Fusing the concepts of travel, exploration, and coastal vision, Balboa was born.

As with all new companies a logo plays an integral part in the identity behind a brand. Beck and Oliver knew they wanted to capture the simplicity of the world’s beauty yet they needed a symbol that could reflect their humanitarian efforts.

In some of their reading on Vasco Nunez de Balboa the boys discovered that the Spanish explorer, upon traveling to unknown regions, would offer pineapples as welcoming gifts. This simple fruit was sweet, tropical and filled with life.

Today pineapple is considered a symbol of hospitality and generosity, a perfect fit for a company whose mission is to support solutions towards ending hunger in America. Not only does it serve as a worldly symbol, but pineapple is an incredibly nutritious food: a symbol of the healthy foods that are desperately needed amongst communities across the nation. Together, the origins of Balboa and the pineapple represent something that is greater than logo; a mission. As explorers and humanitarians alike, we have set sail to see everything and give something.


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